maandag 8 april 2019

Garden time has started


The last update I wrote was about my finished sweater. I haven't worn it because spring has started. Temperatures are constant changing, but there have been some really sunny warm days. The garden first started very slow with some tips of green but we're getting more and more exposure of new life from the brown soil. Tulips are blooming and there's one snake's head. We bought some new strawberry's and I planted them in a pot to provide them from being eaten by snails. 

This is the first year I started sowing seeds earlier in the year, inside. This year I want to try out some new veggies and flowers and increase the produce of vegetables. For some years now I'm growing beetroot and I'm hoping to have a second produce this year by sowing two times.

I'm so happy to be back in the garden in the sun with my little furry orange cat, who's so curious that she's constantly watching what I'm doing and sniffing at new plants and soil. 

Hope you'll have a lovely week,


zondag 24 maart 2019

Fern & Feather sweater finished!


I hope you're all well. I'm just writing a tiny update about a new finished object I made, my Fern & Feather sweater, pattern by Jennifer Steingass. It was a project that I started knitting when I was in Denmark last year. It's made from 100% wool from Sweden by Ullcentrum Ă–land. The colors are Malva and Comfrey, names from the flowers they are dyed after (as inspiration, not natural dyed). I'm happy how it turned out but I guess I need to wear something underneath it because it's a bit itchy, but that's fine by me.
I washed it and I blocked it what makes the wool softer and the colorwork blooms more.

I will soon write a larger update, but for now I hope you'll have a lovely Sunday evening!


vrijdag 8 maart 2019

New yarn labels, hurray!

I'm just sharing a photo of my new yarn labels. I love them! This weekend I will update all the yarn in my Etsy shop with new pictures. See for the webshop link at the right sidebar.


Mittens up!


I guess that writing about the weather is almost becoming a tradition here on the blog. But it's been so rainy outside! Horrible. The little hint of spring coming last week with exceptionally warm weather is gone and we're back to an autumn like stormy climate.
But it isn't cold and the green leaves of the tulips are still growing while the crocuses are almost gone. I was thinking about which vegetable seeds I will be sowing this year and when to start...maybe starting with some sowing inside because in the garden they will flush away...
And then I finally finished these mittens! It took me a year of motivation because when I started them, winter was over and now I've finished them, winter isn't cold enough. But I love them and next winter I will wear them! The pattern is by Skeindeer knits, and the yarn is from Norway, Rauma Finullgarn, so no cold hands next year!

And some more news, I finished all my knitting WIP's!! That was my new year goal, so I could start with some fresh knits later on ...(well actually I have one wip left, but that's a summer knit). I've started already with some new socks with yarn I bought in Denmark en then I have plans to knit myself a sweater with some own handdyed yarn. I'm looking forward to it!

Hope you'll have a lovely weekend,

zondag 3 maart 2019

Fallston for my mother


Back after two weeks of illness (some kind of flu).  It's has been such fantastic weather but today we're back on rain and wind (that's normal actually at this time of the year). Two weeks ago I finished the Fallston shawl for my mother.  The pattern is by Dee O'Keefe , and the yarn is from Fiberspates, Vivacious 4ply. I really love it! It's merino wool so it's lovely soft to wear.
I'm planning some new sewing projects to make. Two dresses and a jacket. So after posting this post I will be starting with drafting patterns. I'll keep you up to date!
I've been a bit uninspired lately when it comes to sewing, but with the BBC's series The Sewing Bee back on tv I'm getting my sewing motivation back.

Two weeks ago I went with friends to the Handwerkfair in Zwolle. I've never been there before, but I loved it! There was so much to see. I was full with inspiration but then I got pretty ill and all the plans I was making to do stuff were out of my mind. But now I feel better and plans are returning.

I hope you'll have a lovely Sunday, see you soon,


zondag 17 februari 2019

So soon such temperatures


It's unbelievable, what a temperatures for February! I believe it was today about 14 degrees, and at the weather report they said it was a record. I've made some lovely walks outside and spring is just popping out of the ground. Little snowflakes and crocus are blooming and the tulips are also coming. You can't make me more happy!

Yesterday we visited the Handwerkfair in Zwolle. It was a nice fair and there where loads of exhibitors. I've bought some sockyarn and a knitting kit and a kit for making a small felt figure.

Hope you'll have a lovely Sunday and I will talk to you soon,


maandag 11 februari 2019

Rain outside


I hope you'll had a lovely weekend! I know this is not a weather report but Saturday was a very windy day and Sunday was horrible. It rained the whole day. It was grey and miserable. I have the feeling that whatever day it is and whatever weather it is, some fresh air from outside is healthy. So I made a short walk in the rain on Sunday but it didn't support my mood in a positive way. I love winter when it is fresh and cold with some sun in the sky, but if days are like past Sunday I'm truly longing for spring to come.
But talking about spring, I spotted some crocus in the grass! And the weather forecast said it would be 12 degrees on Friday, hurray!

The photo above shows my Fern & Feather sweater who needs some finishing. The sleeves aren't finished yet and the hem needs a ribbing. But I'm also working on a shawl for my mother so it has to wait a bit.
I hope you'll have a lovely week, speek to you soon!