dinsdag 4 september 2018

Small talk

I've not written any blogposts in a while because the summer holiday had such warm weather I didn't feel like sitting at my desk in a room with a temperature of 30 C+ would make any good blogpost.

So now I'm back with a small update while the cat sleeps and snores beside me. The last time I wrote a blogpost I've uploaded some photo's of handdyed yarn. Now my Etsy shop is closed for some weeks because during the holiday I decided to take a go at the Handwerkfair in Ryptjerk at De Vertakking at 8 september (saturday). I will be sharing a stand with a good friend and I'm very excited!
I dyed a lot of different types of yarn and I hope people will like what I dyed. I'm looking forward to have a nice day.

After the fair I will write here again and talk a little about my holiday in Denmark.

I'll be back soon!