zondag 16 september 2018

Those saturated colors

O, the week has gone so fast! Last weekend I was with a good friend on the 'Handwerkfair' at de Vertakking in Ryptjerk. We shared a stand and despite the wasps we had such a sociable day!

I still didn't take some time to download all the photo's I made in Denmark a couple of weeks ago. I hope I will find some time this week.

Today I was in the garden cleaning up some pots and the expendable greenhouse (no more sowing this year) and I realized autumn is slowly taking over summer. I notice it in the morning when it's fresh and sometimes a bit misty in the mornings. And while some plants are still flowering some leaves are turning brown and yellow. Autumn is a beautiful season with all those saturated colors.

I've added some new handdyed wool in my Etsy Shop and I'm still adding more in the following week.

And I've been knitting on some projects and finished a new dress! I will show in my next post what I've been making!