zondag 28 oktober 2018

The last summer flowers

We've had such lovely autumn weather a week ago. Temperatures were like summer. And so the garden produced flowers that otherwise wouldn't be here anymore this time of the year.

I've done some knitting over the last couple of weeks. I will post some photos this week. But no finished objects. A toe to knit and a thumb in a mitten, some sleeves and a ribbed hem. All kind of small (or big) finishing jobs to do. But there's no hurry. When I have some time I will finish them.

O and I lost one of my knitted scarfs when I took the bus. I think it dropped on the floor when I lifted my bag and I was in a hurry to get out at the right spot. I felt so stupid! I thought 'o no! my scarf!' and the bus drove away. But there's this great website were the bus company places photos of lost objects, and after a couple of days my scarf showed up! I'm so happy it's back, all the hours of work. I'll wash it and block it again and it's like it's never been away.

I wrote a couple of posts ago I would show my new made dress. It's actually more a summer dress but I will make the photo as I promised this week.