zondag 4 november 2018

The late summerdress

And another week flew by.
We've had the first frost! Yesterday when I was cycling in the morning I saw the crisp white frost. That means that the Dahlia's soon will turn brown and black and I will dig the tubes out of the garden and let them dry inside. It's always sad when they're finished. It really puts an end on some late summer flowers and autumn turns slowly more in winter. But it's okay, we've had a great and warm summer and it's a beautiful rarely dry autumn so I'm not complaining!
And colder weather has it's own beauty and we make it inside cosy with cactus candlelights.

I still didn't show the summer dress I finished in autumn. It was actually too late to wearing the dress (to cold) but it was also too hot in the summer for a double layered jersey dress to even think about finishing it. But it's okay, I love it and next year I will wear it. I love the fabric it's from the Dutch fabric brand Stenzo and the pattern was from an older Knipmode magazine. I adjusted it a bit and made the dress a lot shorter than the original pattern. Next year watermelon dress year!
Well I will soon be back and for now I wish you all a lovely Sunday evening and a lovely new week. I hope to finish my short row heel in a Arne & Carlos sock, it's so much fun knitting, I will show you soon!