zondag 2 december 2018

It should be all about pink socks

It's such a rainy day today, great weather for some handknitted warm socks. We're in December now, unbelievable how fast time can go. I do love the summer and being outside and although you can wear your knitwear and handmade winter clothes this time of the year, I don't like it when the daylight turns so fast into darkness again. But December is a special month with christmaslights everywhere to give us some extra light in winter. I started knitting these socks on my way back from Denmark last summer and then they where in there bag, unfinished for a long time, but last week I knitted the last bit and they are finished now! I dyed the yarn myself and I'm very happy with the result.

And if you would like to see more knitwork, crochet or sewing I'm working on, I've started a small Youtube channel (see link in the right sidebar). I felt a little bit uncomfortable talking to my screen but it seemed fun to me to get out of the blog comfortzone and start a little podcast. I will upload once in a couple of weeks a new video, so I hope you'll like it.

Have a happy week, talk to you soon,