zondag 20 januari 2019

Frozen landscape

Hello to you all,

It's been a mild winter until now. We've finally got rid of this horrible rainy grey weather and we got a frozen landscape with sun in return. It looked so pretty when I woke up this morning. Yesterday I made a walk to make some photo's of the ice. Our cat tried to sniff some air when I opened the door today and she made a very short walk outside, but I don't think she will leave her warm bed anymore today.

Last week I finished some socks. They are very funky. It's yarn from Schachenmeyr, the collection that Arne & Carlos designed for the brand.  You get two almost identical socks. I'm not used to such a large cuff, but I think they are fun so I will wear them today to keep my feet warm.
I also ordered a couple of new books from the Pinguin classic collection, aren't they pretty? They are clothbound and look wonderful.

I hope you'll have a lovely Sunday!