maandag 11 februari 2019

Rain outside


I hope you'll had a lovely weekend! I know this is not a weather report but Saturday was a very windy day and Sunday was horrible. It rained the whole day. It was grey and miserable. I have the feeling that whatever day it is and whatever weather it is, some fresh air from outside is healthy. So I made a short walk in the rain on Sunday but it didn't support my mood in a positive way. I love winter when it is fresh and cold with some sun in the sky, but if days are like past Sunday I'm truly longing for spring to come.
But talking about spring, I spotted some crocus in the grass! And the weather forecast said it would be 12 degrees on Friday, hurray!

The photo above shows my Fern & Feather sweater who needs some finishing. The sleeves aren't finished yet and the hem needs a ribbing. But I'm also working on a shawl for my mother so it has to wait a bit.
I hope you'll have a lovely week, speek to you soon!