zondag 24 maart 2019

Fern & Feather sweater finished!


I hope you're all well. I'm just writing a tiny update about a new finished object I made, my Fern & Feather sweater, pattern by Jennifer Steingass. It was a project that I started knitting when I was in Denmark last year. It's made from 100% wool from Sweden by Ullcentrum Ă–land. The colors are Malva and Comfrey, names from the flowers they are dyed after (as inspiration, not natural dyed). I'm happy how it turned out but I guess I need to wear something underneath it because it's a bit itchy, but that's fine by me.
I washed it and I blocked it what makes the wool softer and the colorwork blooms more.

I will soon write a larger update, but for now I hope you'll have a lovely Sunday evening!