vrijdag 8 maart 2019

Mittens up!


I guess that writing about the weather is almost becoming a tradition here on the blog. But it's been so rainy outside! Horrible. The little hint of spring coming last week with exceptionally warm weather is gone and we're back to an autumn like stormy climate.
But it isn't cold and the green leaves of the tulips are still growing while the crocuses are almost gone. I was thinking about which vegetable seeds I will be sowing this year and when to start...maybe starting with some sowing inside because in the garden they will flush away...
And then I finally finished these mittens! It took me a year of motivation because when I started them, winter was over and now I've finished them, winter isn't cold enough. But I love them and next winter I will wear them! The pattern is by Skeindeer knits, and the yarn is from Norway, Rauma Finullgarn, so no cold hands next year!

And some more news, I finished all my knitting WIP's!! That was my new year goal, so I could start with some fresh knits later on ...(well actually I have one wip left, but that's a summer knit). I've started already with some new socks with yarn I bought in Denmark en then I have plans to knit myself a sweater with some own handdyed yarn. I'm looking forward to it!

Hope you'll have a lovely weekend,