maandag 8 april 2019

Garden time has started


The last update I wrote was about my finished sweater. I haven't worn it because spring has started. Temperatures are constant changing, but there have been some really sunny warm days. The garden first started very slow with some tips of green but we're getting more and more exposure of new life from the brown soil. Tulips are blooming and there's one snake's head. We bought some new strawberry's and I planted them in a pot to provide them from being eaten by snails. 

This is the first year I started sowing seeds earlier in the year, inside. This year I want to try out some new veggies and flowers and increase the produce of vegetables. For some years now I'm growing beetroot and I'm hoping to have a second produce this year by sowing two times.

I'm so happy to be back in the garden in the sun with my little furry orange cat, who's so curious that she's constantly watching what I'm doing and sniffing at new plants and soil. 

Hope you'll have a lovely week,